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Printing problems with Server
زمان کنونی: 12-13-2017، 07:11 AM
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نویسنده: breckjensen
آخرین ارسال: breckjensen
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printing problems with server

Printing problems with Server
عضو تازه ثبت نام شده انجمن
عضو تازه ثبت نام شده انجمن
ارسال‌ها: 17
تاریخ عضویت: Sep 2017
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وضعیت : آفلاین
Printing problems with Server

[size=14px]When the users wants to print something from the remote app it's randomly stops (the printing). For example, he can print 3 or 4 documents then the 5th seems to get stucked the remote app freeze (on that computer) then around 5 min the program respond. After the respond an error pops up what says that there is no printer installed while this error came the printer prints out the document. I checked that they can print local apps but with this remote app sometimes it's seems to lost the file. Tried to figure out what happens when the program freeze and wait to the document get printed. [/size]
[size=14px]I checked the printers queue and nothing was showed ther. However I started the printing.[/size]
[size=14px]On the server I could find a Warning what's ID is: 5781 Netlogon could be this the issue? [/size]

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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12-02-2017، 02:13 PM

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